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(Solved) Lonsdor K518ise "could not update APK"

Went to use my LONSDOR K518ISE and it needed update before I could use it. After update I got 3 messages one was "could not update APK". Now I have a dead Unit. Does anyone here know how to get running again?
Image and error:
Lonsdor version: 1.6.30

blank info

fail to update
faile to connect network

confirm whether to sync?

regular sync failed. pls make sure the network is connected normally

Factory reset it to the original state and then update it press the home button with one of the volume buttons untell you go to the android platform and factory reset it from there then when it completes update it as normal
Got into the android platform, logged onto the wifi, installed the latest APK file, rebooted and done a forced update. Now up and running as new.


Smart 453 Add A New Key (4A Chip) Using Lonsdor K518ise: Done!

Car and Purpose: Smart 453 add new key
Chip: it is hitag aes 4A chip
Key Programmer: Lonsdor K518ise
Key programming completed!
 30 min job
Result: Success!


Lonsdor K518ISE Program VOLVO XC60 Key

Lonsdor K518ISE Program VOLVO XC60 Smart Key

In the car industry,Volvo’s security system is relatively tight. In the past, due to technical problems,
it is extremely difficult to key program a Volvo XC60 smart key, the only way is resort to 4S shop, while the cost is terribly high.
Now, Lonsdor K518ISE can do it too, user no longer have to go to 4S shop and suffer the high cost, simply use K518ISE, which is for now the best Volvo key programming equipment.

Before key programming Volvo XC60, you need to read the security data of two modules, then directly OBD add the key (add key and all keys lost are in the same way)
1. CEM module (behind the storage box of co-pilot)
2. KVM module (right side of the trunk)
There are two kinds of smart keys: 5 keys and 6 keys, both are 433 frequencies.
For 5 keys, before key programming, dismantle the CEM module and read the security data to backup.
For 6 keys, before key programming, dismantle both the CEM and KVM modules and read the security data to backup.
When we read CEM and KVM security data to backup, we need to use accessories of the adapter, RN-01 and FS-01 probe board.
Note: First time to use the adapter, we need to bind it with K518ISE. Go to the K518ISE home page and choose "Settings -> binding adapter", following the direction to finish binding.
One K518ISE host can bind up to 5 adapters, and the bound adapter can not be bound to other K518ISE hosts. Once bounded, no need to bind again.
Read CEM security data:

1. Volvo's CEM are located under the co-pilot airbag on the left, remove the debris box, the new/old CEM box look the same, but with different circuits)
lonsdor k518ise program Volvo xc60 key

Read CEM data with RN-01 board:
lonsdor k518ise program Volvo xc60 key

Connect K518ISE host, adapter, and RN-01 board as below: 
lonsdor k518ise program Volvo xc60 smart key
2. For the old version, when opening the lid, in the back of the circuit board, please pay attention to the black column with blue circles,
which are the four positioning points that need to match stably with the white column of RN-01 board.
Note: The circuit board is coated with insulating glue, it is required to use the washing plate water to wash off the blue area of the insulation coating in the contact point (solder joint) ,
or power can not go through , if the needle of RN-01 board is broken, it will do to wire in the corresponding locations.

k518ise program Volvo xc60 key
lonsdor k518ise key programmer program Volvo xc60 key

For the new version, the circuit is different, which requires to wire to read the anti-theft data, please refer to following guides to wire:

k518ise key programmer program Volvo xc60 key pic 7
k518ise key programmer program Volvo xc60 key pic 8

Note: Connect power to read the data, it is needed to separate RN-01 board to the motherboard to prevent conduction; it is recommended that welding line should not exceed 15cm.
Lonsdor k518ise key programmer program Volvo xc60 key pic 10
Read KVM security data:
Volvo's KVM modules are located after the rear box, in the upside of the right rear wheel position(for 16 S60L car, it is recommended to dismantle from the right rear door to the wheel direction);

Lonsdor k518ise key programmer program Volvo xc60 key

1. After opening the module cover, it is firstly needed to use the washing plate water to wash off the blue area of the insulation coating, or power can not go through.
Lonsdor k518ise key programmer program Volvo xc60 key

Read KVM data with FS-01 board:

Lonsdor k518ise key programmer program Volvo xc60 key

Below the positions in red circle are the 8-pin insertion points of FS-01 board:

Lonsdor k518ise key programmer program Volvo xc60 key
Lonsdor k518ise key programmer program Volvo xc60 key

Connection between K518ISE host, adapter and FS-01 board:

Lonsdor k518ise key programmer program Volvo xc60 key
Special Note
Part of the failures in Volvo KVM data reading are because the chip model is different, then please do as below:
? Use programmer to read out the data (.bin file);
? Please contact and send the EEPROM data to K518ISE after-sales service, the engineers will convert the data into a dedicated file;
? Connect K518ISE with computer and put the dedicated file into” file ---> feature_35” folder;
? Keep following the operation to select the KVM data from the process. 
1. For 6 keys, during operation, you need to first insert the key into the key slot and then operate according to the directions.
2. For key recognition failure, please make sure the smart key is not locked, as locked key can not be programmed, the fresh new key generally will not be locked.
3. K518ISE has identification & unlock functions, which will test and identify whether a key is an unused one.
 If the remote control is invalid after the key is programmed (on condition that the battery is well installed and the remote control frequency is correct),
try to import the CEM security data to unlock the key and then program again.
Note: Only the key of this car or corresponding car can be unlock after reading the CEM security data.
4,When installing Volvo battery, please note that the two batteries are placed in an overlap way and separated by a white paper in the middle, so please do not just replace the above one.
Dismantling is also very simple, just remove the metal key, and gently pry with a not so sharp knife in the same place where the metal key lies.


Lonsdor K518 User Manual for Renault Owners Only

K518, K518ise, K518s - what's the difference:
K518: Chinese version
K518ise and K518s: international version
K518 ise: old version before 2019
K518s: new version released in the year 2019
--- share the same features and functions ---
Lonsdor K518 Renault Activation Help
Lonsdor K518 Renault Test Report
Lonsdor K518 Renault Full Car List:
Lonsdor K518 Renault Clio 3
Lonsdor K518 Renault Clio 4
Lonsdor K518 Renault Megane
Renault Scenic 1999-2000
Lonsdor K518 Renault Where to?


What kinds of chips does Lonsdor KH100 support

Lonsdor KH100 remote maker Can recognize all kinds of chips, like: 11/12/13/33/40/41/42/44/45/46/47/48/49/4A/4C/60/61/62/63/64/65/66/67/68/69/6A/6B/70/70E/71/72G/82/83/8C/8A...smart cards
Can provide info in detail, like it's from the dealer or deputy factory, lock or unclock
Can copy chips, incl. 11/12/13/33/42/46/48/4C/60/61/62/63/64/65/66/67/68/69/6A/6B/70E/71/72G/8A(Toyota H)
Note 1:
11/12/13 - copy chips to T5、JMD King Blue Super Chip、JMD Red Super Chip
33 - copy chips to T5、Blank 7935
42 - copy chips to Blank  7935
46 - copy chips to LKP46、skp 46、CN3、JMD King Blue Super Chip、JMD Red Super Chip
48 - copy chips to 48 (the deputy)
4C/60/61/62/63/64/65/66/67/68/69/6A/6B/70E/71/72G - copy chips to LKP4D、JMD King Blue Super Chip、JMD Red Super Chip
8A (Toyota H) - copy chips to TS21
Note 2:
You can copy chips encrypted, but some dealer keys can be read or edited, not copied.
If the dealer key cannot be copied, it will not display a "copy" button.
Post by Chinacardiags.com - What kinds of chips does Lonsdor KH100 support


Lonsdor K518 OBD reads PIN for Renault Scenic 1999-2000 AKL: Confirmed!

Can Lonsdor program all keys lost for Renault Scenic 1999-2000?
Id36 or 4d60?

Try read PIN via OBD, Lonsdor K518 has this function but you need to remove a fuse before an attempt. Check in lonsdor under 'operations':

Before operation, pls find out the 5th fuse of the immo box

  1. Turn on emergency light... and turn ignition off
  2. Configuring system... pls pull out/unplug the 5A fuse from the immo and click on OK
  3. Insert/plug the 5A fuse in 30s
  4. Configuring system... PN is obtained successfully
The car models Lonsdor K518 covers:

The link to Lonsdor K518 Renault full configuration:
Thanks to Popa Ionel, Ikalf Alias, Piotrek Piotr