Lonsdor k518ise


Repair Lonsdor K518ise smoke problem when we turn on it

Recently Lonsdor K518ise user feedback:There will be smoke problem when I turn on it , returned to repair and in the same situation.
The reason: because customers use their own power supply, not the power from us.
Lonsdor K518ise board comes with a capacitor inside is to prevent customers from using other power supply, if you use another power supply will burn out the capacitor, causing the machine to smoke.
The solution is to remove this capacitor (if you use your own power supply)



Lonsdor K518ISE Help center

Lonsdor K518ISE product service center is designed to help users to calculate key data whenever and wherever. The users are free to login with email and password as they will in Chinese and English. So far it can calculate data for Volvo, Maserati etc by self-service without Lonsdor engineer help.


  1. Browse: http://u.lonsdor.com
  1. Please enter the email and password (Must be the account when you register K518ISE)

3.Choose product "Lonsdor K518ISE"

  1. Choose the car brand you want to calculate data, i.e Volvo.

  1. Choose the key type (i.e key (Non folding), that is the common key of S40, C30, C70)

  1. Calculate key data operation

Bellow operation applies to other keys.

1). Input the serial number that you are using.

  • Choose the car model i.e S40, C30, C70 etc.

  • Input the right No.(2) data, then the left NO.(1) data.

Note: read "Help" at the bottom for instruction.

  1. The system automatically calculate data and the page will automatically refresh until the result displays.
Tip: If the data is put in the incorrect position or incorrect, the data will be calculated unsuccessfully.

  1. Lonsdor K518ISE calculate key data for Volvo successfully, please click on "Download data", and follow the "Operating guide" to input the corresponding folder.

Lonsdor K518ise New Update VOLVO\FORD\LEXUS Feb 1, 2018

Sincerely thanks to all the lonsdor customers who choose and supports all the time Please note that due to the cost increase of material and R&D, the promotion price of Lonsdor K518ISE will have to rise from 1199USD to 1299USD,this will take effect from Feb.01,2018.
The original price is 2, 500USD, we are still during promotion period, you really can't miss it this time!
This price hike is minimal while our sincerity to provide you with the quality products and service will be huge
Free Update [Feb 1, 2018]
VOLVO\XC70\-2006 Flip key
FORD\C-Max\smart key
FORD\Ranger\2007-2010\ Immobilizer
FORDI\NEW Focus\ 2014-smart key
LEXUS\Smart key\type 1&Type 2&Remote
LEXUS\IMMO\Type 1&Type2
LEXUS\CT200h-2010\Smart key\type 3
LEXUS\ES300h\2012-2015\smart key
LEXUS\ES330\2003-2006\Mechanical key
LEXUS\GS300\1998-2001\ Remote\type 1
LEXUS\GS430\2001-2005\Mechanical key\IMMO
LEXUS\HS250h\2008-2012\Smart key
LEXUS\S200\Mechanical key \Remote programming method