Lonsdor k518ise


BYD All Keys Lost: Lonsdor K518ise Adds New Keys to BYD G3 2011

Confirmed! Lonsdor K518ise is able to programme new BYD smart keys without PIN codes, even when all keys are lost.
How to:
If you add key for BYD, K518ISE won't ask for Pin code.
If you program new keys when all keys lost, it requires 16-bit pin code, and if you need to change IK box, please ensure you have,15-bit repair code at the same time.
For the 16-bit pin code, read out the key data and go for BYD service center to calculate.
K518ISE starts
click on IMMO -> BYD-> smart key-> G3- read key data
put the original new key close to the Start button
and follow the prompt to read out the key data
then send it to the professional locksmith or BYD service center.
After that you use the pin code to program new key.
Question & Answer:
Question: BYD G3 2011 could not read key data, Maybe the problem of the car itself has not been tested yet
BYD auto who tested something?
Answers: For BYD G3 all keys lost:
1. Get one new original smart key system controller (IK box) that is available in the BYD service center or some experienced Chinese locksmith.
2. Calculate out both the 15-bit repair code and 16-bit pin code (someone in forums can help you calculate out with the VIN NO., Key ID and IK box NO.)
3. Prepare 1 pieces of fully-new blank key.
Lonsdor K518 BYD car list:
SeriesOriginYearFuel TypeFunction
Smart KeySuruiOtherOtherType 1
Smart KeySiruiOtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyQinOtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyTangOtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyS7OtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyG5OtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyG6OtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyL3OtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyF3OtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyS6OtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyVAOtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyE6AOtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyE6BOtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyE6YOtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyF0OtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyG3OtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyM6OtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyF3ROtherOtherType 1
Smart KeySongOtherOtherType 1
Tech Support:
You can get professional tech support from http://www.chinacardiags.com/ if you have any question
Hope this helps.