Lonsdor k518ise


Solution to Lonsdor k518ise problems caused by updating

Solution to Lonsdor k518ise problems caused by updating
This file is solution to the problem cause by updating


Hold those two buttons which are marked in red at the same time.

Kernel mirror image version under V2.26 needs to follow this step. After uninstall APK successfully, click the arrow in the middle of the screen. You will see “Online Update” in the bottom left corner, click it.

Install the package after downloading. It might take a long tome, please be patient. After installation, there are “WIFI Setting” and “Update”, just click “Update”. if you failed to update, change a network or change the domain name according to the file of “WIFI Setting”.
If the device shows interface below, continue to follow next step.

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New VAG OBD Read IMMO Data Work with VVDI2,AVDI,AP PRO,K518ise

New VAG OBD immo data calculator function introduction: Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and other 4 generations of IMMO, in the state of adding keys or key all lost, the current market equipment can not read IMMO data (such as VVDI2,AVDI,AP PRO,K518ise and other equipment), or need IMMO data can only be obtained after disassembling the meter. The operation is complicated and risky, and it takes a long time. Now you only need to use the VAG OBD assistant, connect to the vehicle and network to get the vehicle's IMMO data in 3-5 minutes (depending on the network situation, or the number of users determines the length of time).
After obtaining the IMMO data online, the system automatically saves the file in the VAG OBD document directory according to the frame number.
supports the use of the current popular device, and can directly generate the dealer key and learn.   
For vehicles with MQB IMMO system, this device can also be used if the IMMO data cannot be read directly, but it can only be used to add a key. (For example, the key of Johnson Controls is increased.) A4L Q5 cannot directly read BCM2 data, and the display data length is incorrect. You can use this design to calculate BCM2 data. 14 years A6 A7 A8 Touareg Faion 5 generation IMMO system, in the state of the key lost, can not get BCM2 data, you can also use this device to calculate BCM2 data online, and then match the VVDI2 APPRO and other equipment matching keys.
Note: The precondition for using this equipment is that the vehicle cannot be tampered with information and the vehicle status is legal. If the information is tampered with, then no data can be calculated.


How to do Fiat key programming? Lonsdor or Obdstar?

Why it’s not easy to program Fiat keys?
Fiat vehicles are one of the most complicated to do.
The reason is the immobiliser chip unlike most other cars on the market today can’t just be programmed in using the information already written to the chip. The chip also has to be pre coded with information that can only be taken from the ECU itself. Now in previous years the only way to do this was to remove the immobiliser unit and de-solder the chip from the circuit board, then you could read that information and write it to the chip. Then we had to re solder the chip and install the unit back to the car before programming the key. As you can imagine this had inherent risks as the chips are so small and the circuit boards very delicate.
Which key tool can work for Fiat?
Fiat keys can be done with some universal key programmers like Obdstar key master and Lonsdor K5158...
Obdstar key master is confirmed to do pre-coding and programming
Lonsdor K518ise is confirmed to add/program new keys.
How to program Fiat new keys?
Take K518ise...
Tool: Lonsdor K518ise
Car: Fiat Doblo

Which Fiat model and year are covered?
Lonsdor K518ise FIAT car list:
SeriesOriginYearFuel TypeFunction
ViaggioOtherOtherOtherKey Programming
PalioOtherOtherOtherKey Programming
SienaOtherOtherOtherKey Programming
BravoOtherOtherOtherKey Programming
PerlaOtherOtherOtherKey Programming
FreemontOtherOtherOtherSmart Key Programming
ViaggioOtherOtherOtherSmart Key Programming
Obdstar key master FIAT car list: (X300 DP and X300 DP Plus)
DELPHI  70F3237+93C86(ID46)
DELPHI  70F3379+93C86(ID46)
DELPHI  70F3632/70F3633(ID46)
DELPHI  93C66(B)(ID48)
MARELLI 70F3237+95160(ID48)
MARELLI 70F3378+95160(ID46)
MARELLI 70F3633+95320(ID46)
MARELLI 70F3238+95320(ID48)
MARELLI MB91465P+95640(ID46)
MARELLI 9S12DG128 3K91D(ID48)
MARELLI 9S12DG256 1K79X(ID48)
MARELLI 9S12DG256 1K79X(ID46)
Program keys
ALFA 147

Src: http://blog.chinacardiags.com/obdstar-x300-dp-dp-plus-new-update-for-fiat-2018-11-06/


Opel Vivaro II 2014 New Keys: Added with Lonsdor K518ise!

Confirmed! Lonsdor k518ise universal key programmer is able to add new keys to Opel Vivaro II 2014.
Here you go.
The original key and new key to be programmed

In Lonsdor K518ise:
Select Immobilizer - Opel -immo
- select from vehicle - Vivaro (4A) - 2014-

Step 1: Read pin cpde

Ta funkcha moze odczytac kod pin pojazdu. Wymaga zapisu danych immobilizera podczas procesu, ktory trwa 30 minut.
Wlacz i wylacz zaplon, a nastepnie wlacz zaplon
Unpewnij sie ze bateria jest wystarczajaco....
(in English:
This function can read the vehicle's pin code. It requires the data of the immobilizer to be saved during a process that lasts 30 minutes.
Turn on and off the ignition, then turn on the ignition
Make sure the battery is enough ....)

Uzyskiwanie kodu pin...reflektory samochodowe maga pozostac slaczone!

Prosze wylaczyc zaplon

Weryfikuje kod pin...

Kod pin

Step 2: Program key

Ten proces spowoduje usuniecie istniejacych kluczy. Mozna zaprogramowac maksymalnie 4 klucze. Zdalne sterowanie generowane jest automatycznie po zaprogramowaniu kluczy
(In English: This process will delete existing keys. A maximum of 4 keys can be programmed. Remote control is generated automatically after programming the keys)

Prosze wlaczyc zaplon
(In English: Please turn on the ignition)

Prosze wlaczyc zaplon
(In English: Please turn on the ignition)

Current key count: 1

Confirm pin

Wloz oryginalny kluczyk samochodowy i wlacz zaplon
(In English: Insert the original car key and switch on the ignition)

Programowanie biezacego klucza
(In English: Programming of the current key)

Programowanie udane. Zaprogramowac nastepny klucz?
(In English: Successful programming. Program the next key?)

Prosze wlaczyc zaplon
(In English: Please turn on the ignition)

Prosze wlozyc klucz 2 i wlaczyc zaplon
(In English: Please insert key 2 and switch on the ignition)

Programowanie biezacego klucza
(In English: Programming of the current key)

Programowanie udane. Zaprogramowac nastepny klucz?
(In English: Successful programming. Program the next key?)

Wylacz zaplon, a nastepnie nacisnij “OK” aby kontynuowac
(In English: Turn off the ignition and then press "OK" to continue)

Current key count: 2

Programowanie zakonczone
(In English: Programming completed)

Step 3: Test the key
The new key is confirmed to work as well as the original