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Lonsdor k518ise feedback:All keys Europe this week!

This week with lonsdor K518ise, all keys Europe.
Fiat 500 spare key, after market remote, pre coded remote and chip, pincode read and key programming- success.
Opel vivaro 2012 all keys lost. Used renault trafic option.pincode bypass. Success.
Opel corsa d. All keys lost. Read pincode, programme key, success.
Freelander 2 2009. Spare key. Success
Ford kuga 2016 all keys lost.smart key ID47. Success
Audi a3 2004 spare key, read pincode fail, used supervag
Ford focus 2007 all keys lost. Success.
Ford transit spare key 2008. Success.
Hyundai i30 2012 spare key read pincode fail (used kdx2 for pincode) programme key success.
Hope this helps
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BYD All Keys Lost: Lonsdor K518ise Adds New Keys to BYD G3 2011

Confirmed! Lonsdor K518ise is able to programme new BYD smart keys without PIN codes, even when all keys are lost.
How to:
If you add key for BYD, K518ISE won't ask for Pin code.
If you program new keys when all keys lost, it requires 16-bit pin code, and if you need to change IK box, please ensure you have,15-bit repair code at the same time.
For the 16-bit pin code, read out the key data and go for BYD service center to calculate.
K518ISE starts
click on IMMO -> BYD-> smart key-> G3- read key data
put the original new key close to the Start button
and follow the prompt to read out the key data
then send it to the professional locksmith or BYD service center.
After that you use the pin code to program new key.
Question & Answer:
Question: BYD G3 2011 could not read key data, Maybe the problem of the car itself has not been tested yet
BYD auto who tested something?
Answers: For BYD G3 all keys lost:
1. Get one new original smart key system controller (IK box) that is available in the BYD service center or some experienced Chinese locksmith.
2. Calculate out both the 15-bit repair code and 16-bit pin code (someone in forums can help you calculate out with the VIN NO., Key ID and IK box NO.)
3. Prepare 1 pieces of fully-new blank key.
Lonsdor K518 BYD car list:
SeriesOriginYearFuel TypeFunction
Smart KeySuruiOtherOtherType 1
Smart KeySiruiOtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyQinOtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyTangOtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyS7OtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyG5OtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyG6OtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyL3OtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyF3OtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyS6OtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyVAOtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyE6AOtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyE6BOtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyE6YOtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyF0OtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyG3OtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyM6OtherOtherType 1
Smart KeyF3ROtherOtherType 1
Smart KeySongOtherOtherType 1
Tech Support:
You can get professional tech support from http://www.chinacardiags.com/ if you have any question
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How much should I pay for Lonsdor K518ISE software update

For you guys with Lonsdor K518ISE key programmer, you have to know:
There are some changes of K518ISE software update.
1- Updates will no longer remain for free, a payable subscription fee will be implemented within the next 3 months from today. But the cost details not disclosed yet
2- No more vehicles brand Logos display, due to legal intellectual copyright issues.
Meanwhile enjoy the free 3 months as of now, what’s new?
All details in the link below
Src: https://lonsdor.oss-cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.com/static/K518updates.pdf?fbclid=IwAR39WK5WRDszfHX2-w6DPcQt_ANO9-ut1tj-idvnjH0rA1sPESyk9T_jVb4
A bit explanation here help you understand K518ise update...
  1. Each device can apply for only one time, once Trial Apply selected, counting will start and will last for 90 days, then the “Trial apply” button will disappear from the menu.
  2. Functions with a blue clock will be for free for 3 months, after trial activation, once expired customer will need to subscribe ( Pay ) to use.
  3. All functions updated this time will remain for free for ever.
  4. Alphabetical models search + lots of car models have Help reference.
    Vehicle models with red mark as shown below, userscan scan QR code to get detail operation reference via scanning it’s relevant QR code with your phone to get detailed operation instruction during programming.
Question & Answer;
Q: Those marked with "red" in pdf are new models in this update?
or just payable functions in 3 mon?

A: Good question, not necessarily, the payable functions are marked with a $ sign top right of their buttons as in the attached screen shot

NO WORRIES! There is a small part of functions need to be paid.
MOST K518ise software remains FREE to update!
Original:How much should I pay for Lonsdor K518ISE software update

How to get the latest upgraded Models of Lonsdor k518ise

How to get the latest upgraded Models of Lonsdor k518ise:
1.click"trial apply"to get the latest update

1. Each device can apply for only one time, once click, counting will start and
will lasts for 90 days, then the"Trial apply "menu will disappear
2. Functions with blue clock will be for free for 3 months. after that time
customer will need to subscribe to use
3. The rest functions updated this time will be for free for ever
4. Check the update log for a basic idea of the update content this time. For
more details, Lonsdor will update continuously later in flyer, please check the
update loglater then Also you can check www.lonsdor.com for the detailed car
2.New & clear model mark:
3.Search the car by model Initials:
4. Scan the QR code to get operation reference during programming
Step 1: Click the red mark to get the QR code

Note: So far, lots of car models have Help reference, once there is a red mark
as shown above, you can scan to get detailed operation reference
Step 2: Scan the code with your phone to get operation instruction during
5.Push function
In case customer need lonsdor to support certain car model, and we may
already have it on our inner test device, though not release on standard K518
yet; Or, when Lonsdor developed certain function while cant find local car to
test, if customer can find the local car to test, please contact Lonsdor and we
will release the function only to your device for certain time(it will depends), as
a return for your kind help

10.2018 Lonsdor K518ISE Update: No Car Make Icons, No Free Update for part

Lonsdor K518ISE is finally back with it’s regular constant updates flow, few changes had to take place though
1- Updates will no longer remain for free, a payable subscription fee will be implemented within the next 3 months from today, cost details not disclosed yet
2- No more vehicles brand Logos display, due to legal intellectual copyright issues

Meanwhile enjoy the free 3 months as of now, what’s new?
(Notice: Q:They said no tokens and free updates for life!! A: the update contents in black color are free to update, the ones in red color are charged after 3 months later.
Look at the chart here:

get more details:http://blog.chinacardiags.com/10-2018-lonsdor-k518ise-update-no-car-make-icons-no-free-update/


Lonsdor K518ISE BMW: What immo? What remote chip?

Today, Laura will share a full list of Lonsdor K518ISE BMW immobilizers and chips.
BMW immobilizers available on K518:
CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS3+, CAS4, CAS4+
BMW key chips available on K518:
Chip 46, chip 77 or chip 44
Specific chips
In detail..
PIN code: PIN code requirement
Remote generation: When key programming completes, the remote control will be generated automatically
OBD location: Under the steering wheel (close to pillar A)

Lonsdor K518ISE and BMW Immobilizer systems:
7 series 2001-2005
3 series 2005-2007
5 series 2004-2007
6 series 2003-2008
7 series 2005-2009
1 series 2007-1008
3 series 2007-2008
5 series 2008-2010 (some CAS3+)
6 series 2008-2010 (some CAS3+)
Z4 after 2008 (some CAS3+)
1 series 2009-2012
3 series 2009-2012
5 series 2008-2010 (some CAS3)
6 series 2008-2010 (some CAS3)
X1 before 2014
X5 2008-2013
Z4 after 2008 (some CAS3)
MINI 2008-2014 46 chip
5 series 2010-2012
6 series 2010-2012
7 series 2010-2012
X3 after 2012 (some CAS4+)
X4 after 2013 (some CAS4+)
5 series after 2012
6 series after 2012
7 series after 2012
X3 after 2012 (some CAS4)
X4 after 2013 (some CAS4)
3 series before 2005 73 or 44 chip (other 3 series is the 46 chip)
5 series before 2004 No 18
Z4 before 2008
X5 before 207 (some EWS4)
X3 before 2011
X5 before 2007 (some EWS3)

Lonsdor K518 and BMW Chip types:
46 chip (incl common 46 chips):
1 series 2007-2012
3 series 2005-2012
5 series 2004-2010
6 series 2003-2010
7 series 2001-2009
X1 before 2014
X5 before 2013

73 or 44 chip:
3 series before 2005
5 series before 2004
X3 before 2011
X5 before 2007
Z4 before 2008
MINI 2008-2014

Specific smart keys:
5 series after 2010
6 series after 2010
7 series after 2010
X3 after 2012
X4 after 2013

Source: http://www.chinacardiags.com/wholesale/lonsdor-k518ise-key-programmer-plus-ske-it-smart-key-emulator-5-in-1-set-full-package.html



Support TOYOTA/LEXUS Smart Key all ost by OBD- SERVERLESS
1.Support A9 smart key
2.Support 98 smart key
Logic: DST80
3.Support 94/D4 smart ke
Logic: DST40
4.Support 88/A8 smart key
5.Support 39 smart key
Logic: DST128
SKE-LT Smart Key Emulator Work with Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer 4 in 1 set (Support USA Local Shipping):

Lonsdor K518ise Orange SKE-LT-DSTAES The 5th Emulator for Toyota & Lexus Chip 39 (128bit) Smart Key All Lost via OBD No Need Connection to Server:


Lonsdor k518ise Ske-toyota / lexus smart key emulator

Lonsdor k518ise Ske-toyota / lexus smart key emulator (smart key all lost by obd & no need connection from server!)
Chip "94/D4 98 39(128BIT) 88/A8" - FINISH
Chip "A9" - will be ready in days!


Lonsdor K518ise new update Toyota Hyundai Honda & Nissan

Lonsdor K518ise new update (2018/08/08)
8A Smart key
2007 crown key
Alphard Add smart key
2006 Reiz
Crown 68 chip all lost
Hyundai Series
2013/2015 Verna Remote
2009 Rohens Add smart key
2014 Sonata 8 Communication
2014 1X25 Smart key all lost
Honda & Nissan
Honda Accord 9th key
2017 NISSAN Toana 4A Transponder


How to solve if Lonsdor K518ISE connect error

How to test the OBD line, whether the problem causes the Lonsdor K518ISE to communicate with the car
Supported car models
Is it very possible because the OBD cable, or little chance due to the device
OBD test cable testing method:
Step 1: Unplug the K518ISE main unit and tum it off
Step 2: Connect the DB25 cable(OBD cable)to K518ISE main unit, using a
multimeter and switch to the diode stalls
Pay attention that there are 3 connectors on the OBD cable
Connector 1: connect K518ISE OBD port
Connector 2: connect KPROG adaptor
Connector 3: connect the vehicle OBD port

Step 3: Use the red pen to touch the metal part(as shown in pic 2 in red)

Step 4: Use the black pen to test the resistance of each pin of the vehicle
connector(As shown in pic 3), make sure that you hold the vehicle connector
in the way just as the pic shows

PIN 1 and 8 should have no resistance: PIN2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10, 11,12,13, 14, 15, 16
should have resistance
If all have no resistance, then it will be DB25 cable has problem: if the
measurement is all as it supposed to be, and the car models(those K518ISE
supported models)still can't be connected, then you will need to send back the
DB25 cable and the main unit for Lonsdor to check(if so, let us know, and we
shall talk together about the solution and details


How to update Lonsdor K518ise KPROG2 adaptor kernel

Upgrade process for Lonsdor K518ise KPROG2 adaptor kernel:
After the APK of lonsdor K518ise device is upgraded to V1. 6.0 version, the adaptor requires to
be installed new kernel beforehand. Please refer to below operations
Step 1: Connect the device to the specified adaptor and plug in 12V power, as shown

Step 2: Start up the device, and input password to enter home screen. Click"Update
firmware "button in below red box

Step 3: The following interface appears, click"Install Adaptor"in below red box.

Step 4: It skips to the below interface, click"OK" to continue.

Steo 5: It skips to below interface. You will see the progress indicator moving
rightwards. When downloading is completed, click OK"and exit. The adaptor kernel
is installed successfully.


How to use Lonsdor SKE-LT Smart Key Emulator for Toyota/Lexus All Keys Lost

What is Lonsdor K518 SKE-LT Smart Key Emulator?
It's used with Lonsdor K518ISE to program new keys to Toyota/Lexus via OBD, when all keys are lost

Source: http://www.chinacardiags.com/wholesale/ske-lt-smart-key-emulator-for-lonsdor-k518ise-key-programmer-4-in-1.html
SKE-LT: Smart Key emulator - Toyota/Lexus smart key for all key lost via OBD
Black:  SKE-LT-DST40(94/D4) -Supports 94/D4 smart key
Red: SKE-LT-8A(88/A8)-Support 88/A8 smart key
Green: SKE-LT-DST80(98)-Supports 98 smart key
Blue: SKE-LT-8A(A9)-Supports A9 smart key
What is the Londor K518ise emulator used for?
(Why do you need Londor K518ise emulator)
Bind emulator key: it is required to used with K518ISE main unit;
Backup EEPROM data: backup on board computer immo data;
Make emergency emulator key: with the backup immo data to make the designated SKE emulator key to the key that can replace the original master key. Such key can be used to turn on the ignition, then add smart key can be proceed;
Add smart key: to add a smart key.
Delete smart key: to delete a programmed key.
How to use Lonsdor SKE-LT Smart Key Emulator?

1.Press and hold the power button for 2 sec to turn on/off; In start status, when standby for 2 min, the key will automatically shut down; After switching 3 times, the key will be initialized, and can be recycled again.
2. Status indicator: Blue-normal; Red-hardware failure;
3. After receiving the product, please open the back cover of each emulator and install battery first before using it.
Tip: How to install battery?
Open the back cover, then remove the main board, and install the battery

How to use SKE-LT Smart Key Emulator when Toyota/Lexus all keys are lost:
1)  Binding
1. Go to the “Bind emulator key” function;
2. Turn on emulator key and put it into K518ISE key slot (put the status indicator down, make sure the key is active);
3. Following the system direction and click “OK” to start binding;
4. After binding completed, the system will indicate”Binding successful”.
2)  Backup EEPROM data
Connect K518ISE with car OBD port, enter into "Backup immodata" to back up the data.
3)  Make emergency emulator key
After choosing the immodata, in a network environment, the system will indicate to choose the corresponding SKE emulator key model, please start the key and put it into K518ISE key slot(make sure the key is activate), follow the instruction to make an emulator key.
4)  Add smart key
Click the car start button, put the generated SKE emulator key close to the start button, with induction the car will automatically activated.
The system will read current key count, then follow the instruction to add key.
1.“Bind emulator key”can identify the SKE emulator key binding state;
2. SKE emulator key need to bind K518ISE host and can bind only for one time;
3. When making emulator key, make sure well net connection and to choose the corresponding SKE emulator key model correctly.

This is from blog.chinacardiags.com:  How to use Lonsdor SKE-LT Smart Key Emulator for Toyota/Lexus All Keys Lost


Lonsdor K518ISE reads 20 digital codes from Nissan Rogue 2014

Big thanks to Yacouba Traore with feedback on his success with Lonsdor K518ISE car key programmer on his Nissan Rogue 2014.
Upload photos...

Nissan Rogue 2014 with 20 digit rolling code: program successfully with Lonsdor K518ISE


Lonsdor K518ISE OBD adds new keys to Ford Mustang 2016: Success!

Test report: Lonsdor K518ISE auto key programmer add keys to Ford Mustang 2016, through OBD
Date: 16-04-2018
Car: Ford Mustang 2016
Owner: Cerrajeria Morales Mata (Big thanks!!)
The process:
Connect the Lonsdor machine with the car via diagnostic socket
Select the model (here: Ford mustang 2016)
Switch ignition off, open and close the driver door once
At least 2 smart keys are required
Communication is connecting...
Lonsdor read out Part number, VIN number, and numbers of current keys

Communication is connecting...
Reading car PIN codes...

Insert the key into the key slot (usually located in the central armrest box or cup holder)


Remove the key and insert the second one to go on

Identified number of programmed keys in the car: 2

Programming completes!

Test the keys; both work perfect

Job’s done!
Ford mustang 2016 success with Lonsdor K518ISE!
The result: a good success!