Lonsdor k518ise


Lonsdor K518 OBD reads PIN for Renault Scenic 1999-2000 AKL: Confirmed!

Can Lonsdor program all keys lost for Renault Scenic 1999-2000?
Id36 or 4d60?

Try read PIN via OBD, Lonsdor K518 has this function but you need to remove a fuse before an attempt. Check in lonsdor under 'operations':

Before operation, pls find out the 5th fuse of the immo box

  1. Turn on emergency light... and turn ignition off
  2. Configuring system... pls pull out/unplug the 5A fuse from the immo and click on OK
  3. Insert/plug the 5A fuse in 30s
  4. Configuring system... PN is obtained successfully
The car models Lonsdor K518 covers:

The link to Lonsdor K518 Renault full configuration:
Thanks to Popa Ionel, Ikalf Alias, Piotrek Piotr