Lonsdor k518ise


Why I Will Choose Lonsdor K518ise Key Programmer?

Lonsdor K518ise speed upgrade mode has been widely user and industry widely recognized, K518 market growing sales, as a mature company, as a market flagship product, our business has just started, and our future is unlimited.
    K518ise Key Programmer has been updated since listing, in the field of luxury cars with many years of practical experience, customers in the high-end luxury car when the whole sale guidance; all the way in the heavy feature release lead set off wave after wave of escalation storm in the industry, The first specific inventory is as follows:
    Volvo all-key (until now exclusive), Renault Koleo password-matching (exclusive so far), the new Enxela key matching (so far exclusive), 16 years after the Ford smart card matching (so far exclusive), Fei Xiang demolition OBD direct generation Dealer key (until now exclusive), Hyundai / Kia smart card 46,47,8A password reading (47 / 8A read password so far exclusive), BYD password-free matching, southeast DX7 password-free matching, Password matching, the old Porsche (3.6 displacement) read the password match, Santana Zhun Jun 44 chip OBD read the password match, Peugeot two methods to read the password (including all lost) match ... and so on.