Lonsdor k518ise


Lonsdor Product Service Anytime, anywhere user data conversion

Lonsdor product service center operating guidelines
(Anytime, anywhere user data conversion)
First, the login URL: http://u.lonsdor.com

1, account and password must be activated by our products is a registered account (for example, when registering K518 account password)
2, choose Chinese and English. 

Third, select the products you need to provide services (such as the choice of Lonsdor K518ise)

Fourth, select the car models need to service (such as choosing Volvo)

Fifth, select the type of vehicle keys need to convert data (such as the choice of "key (candy bar)", that is, S40, C30, C70 and other models of the common key type)

Sixth, data conversion operations (other key empathy):
1, the machine number is your default login account, make sure the machine number is the device you are currently using the operation;
2, select the car series, such as S40, C30, C70, etc .;
3, import the right (2) data, and then import the left (1) data;
4, submitted.
Note: The bottom of the interface to read help.

Seven, the system automatically calculates the data submitted, the page will automatically refresh until the result.
Note: If the data is misplaced, or the data is incorrect, the conversion will fail.

Eight, the calculation is successful, please click to download the data, and press the "Operation Guide" into the appropriate folder.