Lonsdor k518ise


Lonsdor K518ISE OBD adds new keys to Ford Mustang 2016: Success!

Test report: Lonsdor K518ISE auto key programmer add keys to Ford Mustang 2016, through OBD
Date: 16-04-2018
Car: Ford Mustang 2016
Owner: Cerrajeria Morales Mata (Big thanks!!)
The process:
Connect the Lonsdor machine with the car via diagnostic socket
Select the model (here: Ford mustang 2016)
Switch ignition off, open and close the driver door once
At least 2 smart keys are required
Communication is connecting...
Lonsdor read out Part number, VIN number, and numbers of current keys

Communication is connecting...
Reading car PIN codes...

Insert the key into the key slot (usually located in the central armrest box or cup holder)


Remove the key and insert the second one to go on

Identified number of programmed keys in the car: 2

Programming completes!

Test the keys; both work perfect

Job’s done!
Ford mustang 2016 success with Lonsdor K518ISE!
The result: a good success!